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Get Cloud Ready™ is an end-to-end framework to enable individuals and organizations get ready for the cloud. It offers a structured and a systematic approach to get people, processes, products and business applications ready to take advantage of the cloud.

Our mission is to enable architects, developers and IT professionals to be ready for the cloud, thus enabling them to develop and manage applications that are ready for the cloud. Our dream is to be the catalyst to the cloud revolution by being the definitive partner for the businesses taking the leap to the cloud. We offer comprehensive training programs, advisory services, migration and maintenance services covering the entire spectrum of the journey to the cloud.

Driven by Janakiram MSV, Get Cloud Ready™ is a result of his extensive knowledge and experience of being the Cloud Specialist and a Technologist. Being an independent, unbiased and neutral authority on cloud, Get Cloud Ready™ strives to deliver impact and value through your journey of cloud Readiness.


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